Frequently Asked Questions

What are the tournament dates for 2015? 

The 2015 Sony Open will take place March 23- April 5.

I want to order tickets for the 2015 Sony Open. When are they available? 

We begin selling ticket packages in August 2014 during the dates of the U.S. Open. Individual tickets will not be available until November 2014. If you would like to be added to our mailing list to receive a ticket brochure via mail, please contact the Ticket Office at 305.442.3367 or by email at Guests who subscribe to the Sony Open Email Newsletter have the opportunity to purchase single-session tickets before they go on-sale to the public.

If tickets aren't on sale yet, why are there third party websites on the internet that seem to have tickets available? 

There are many websites across the Internet that advertise Sony Open tickets that are not affiliated with the tournament in any way. The Sony Open highly advises against purchasing tickets through these unauthorized sites.

When are the Qualifying dates of the Tournament? 

Qualifying Rounds will take place Monday and Tuesday, March 17 and 18. Tickets range in price from $11.00 - $17.00 per day and can be purchased online, over the phone by calling 305.442.3367 or in person the day of at the Front Gate Box Office. Match play will begin at 10:00am on both days.

I want to purchase tickets to watch my favorite player play…when is he or she scheduled? 

The Sony Open is a single-elimination tennis tournament. Due to this fact, the draw for each day will not be announced until the night before around 7pm EST and will be posted on Other options would include checking local news outlets such as the Miami Herald newspaper. Depending on when you place your order, Stadium Court tickets may or may not be available. If the Stadium Court is sold out, grounds passes will be made available. Please note that a grounds pass does not provide access to watch matches taking place inside the Stadium Court.

Do you offer seats in the shade or out of the sun? 

Because we are an outdoor event and have no roof on our Stadium Court, the sun will be a factor. The best option we can offer if sun is a factor is to provide you seats with the sun behind your back. These seats are located on the South Baseline (Gates F-G), Southwest Angle (Gates G-H), West Sideline (Gates H-A) and Northwest Angle (Gates A-B). Please note that seats purchased in these areas can be much higher up in terms of availability compared to other areas in the Stadium Court.

What are the different views I can watch from in the Stadium Court? 

Our Stadium Court is shaped like an octagon, so it has eight sides to it. We offer seats on the North and South Baselines (end of the court), the East and West Sidelines and the N.W., N.E., S.E., and S.W. angles.

Is it possible to purchase a ticket for the grounds only? 

Grounds passes are only made available when the Stadium Court sells out and are sold for approximately $10.00 less than the Stadium Court ticket price. A Grounds Pass ticket provides access to all of the outer courts on a first-come, first serve basis, but does not provide access to the matches being played on Stadium Court. Please note, Miami-Dade County surcharges or Sony Open handling fees are included in the prices listed.

I would like to order tickets for today's matches…how can I do that? 

We do not accept phone orders for same day sales…Tickets may be purchased online until 8:00am for Day Sessions and until 4:00pm for Evening Sessions. Otherwise tickets can be purchased in person at the Front Gate Box Office the day of.

How do I purchase good seats in the lower levels of the Stadium Court? 

We do offer a limited number of premium tickets for select sessions of the tournament in the 100 and 300 Levels. Please visit our Daily Ticket page for pricing and availability. Our 200 Level is reserved for our Suite ticket holders and are not offered on an individual basis.

Do you have limitations on how many individual tickets or packages can be purchased

Ten (10) Championship Series packages per account.
Forty (40) Final Four, Opening Weekend or After Hours packages in total per account.
Twenty (20) individual tickets for the Men's Singles Final – Sunday, March 30th per account.

Why are there ticket limits in place?

Ticket sales limits are in place to ensure that all of our customers can receive equal access to Sony Open tickets.

How many matches are played in the Stadium during a given session? 

Traditionally during the Day Session, there are four matches played in the stadium. During the evening, there are typically two matches played in the stadium. This is subject to both weather and schedule changes. Ultimately, the number of matches is determined by the Referee's Office and is subject to change at any time.

Where is the chair umpire located? 

Even with the net line on the east side of the court.

I have tickets for the Day Session, but not for the Evening…will I have access to the Evening Sessions matches? 

Once the last Day Session match on Stadium Court is completed, guests will be asked to leave the Stadium Court so it can be cleaned for the Evening Session ticket holders. Guests with Day Session tickets will have the opportunity to stay on the grounds to watch matches on the outer courts but will not have access to the Evening Session matches taking place in the Stadium Court. Day Session guests wanting to stay and watch the matches in the Stadium Court during the Evening Session may purchase tickets at our Advance Ticket Center (located at Guest Services) based on availability.

I have Evening Session tickets…what time can I enter the Grounds and when will I have access to the Stadium matches? 

Guests with Evening Session tickets have access to the Grounds at 5:00pm, but will not have access to the Stadium until the scheduled Day Session matches are completed. If Day Session matches happen to run late due to lengthy matches or weather delays, Evening Session guests will not have access to the Stadium until the last Day Session match is finished…but are welcome to watch matches taking place on the outer courts.

Do you offer reserved seating on the Grandstand Court on an individual basis?

Yes, we do sell single session tickets on our Grandstand Court (2nd largest court on site). Ticket prices range from $22.00 - $102.00 depending on the session. Single session tickets are sold in Rows 3-11 on the West Sideline of the Grandstand Court and provides you access to all of the outer courts EXCEPT THE STADIUM. A separate Stadium Court ticket is required for admittance. Please note, Miami-Dade County surcharges or Sony Open handling fees are included in the prices listed.

Do you offer any ticket discounts for students, seniors, military or USTA members? 

Yes – we do offer a 20% discount for USTA Members on Adult tickets in the 400 level for the Tuesday, March 25th Day Session. Tickets can be purchased online or by phone with a promo code provided by the USTA Membership Office. However there are no discounts available for students, seniors or military. We do offer group discounts for parties of 20+ for Sessions 3-7 and 12-18 for tickets in the 400 Level.

I have a group interested in going to Sony Open Tennis, do you offer group sales?

To be eligible for a group discount, a group must consist of 20 or more tickets. A 20% discount is offered for Sessions 3-7 and 12-18 for tickets in the 400 Level. Please note, Miami-Dade County surcharges or Sony Open handling fees are included in the prices listed. To inquire about placing a group order, please contact the Ticket Office at 305.442.3367.

Do you offer discounts for children attending the matches? 

Yes. Children ages 14 and under receive a 50% discount on 400 Level tickets for all sessions excluding the Finals (Sessions 23-24) on March 29 - 30. Please note, Miami-Dade County surcharges or Sony Open handling fees are included in the prices listed.

What is the minimum age for a child to require a ticket? 

Children 3 and older require a junior-priced ticket (up to age 14).

I need to purchase disabled seating…what are my seating options and where do I park my vehicle? 

Seats for guests with disabilities are offered in the 100 or 400 levels. Tickets may be purchased online or over the phone by calling the Ticket Office during regular business hours of 9:00am-5:00pm Monday through Friday. Our policy allows for up to three companion tickets to be purchased in the same seating area, based on availability. Additional guests will be sold tickets in the 400 Level as close as possible to the assigned disabled seating area. Disabled parking is located in Crandon Lot 2 (a valid pass and matching driver's license must be displayed to the parking attendant for access to the Parking Lot). A complimentary shuttle service is available that will drop guests off near the Main Gate entrance of the site.

Do you have wheelchairs available on site and is there a charge? 

A limited number of wheelchairs are available on-site at our Guest Service Center (located by Gate C) on a complimentary basis. A valid driver's license will be used as a deposit for the wheelchair and will be given back once the wheelchair is returned.

What is a Daily Double Package? 

This package provides you with tickets to the same day and Evening Session in the 400 Level at a discounted price. Savings are approximately 20% depending on the day you are attending. Please note, Miami-Dade County surcharges or Sony Open handling fees are included in the prices listed.

What is a Flex-4 Package? 

The Flex-4 Packages are offered in the 400 Level for the Opening Weekend (Sessions 7-12), After Hours (All Evening Sessions except Semi-Finals) and the Final Four Packages (Includes tickets to Semi-Finals and Finals). The plan allows you to choose the four sessions you want to attend as part of your package. You decide when you come and how much you save! Savings range from 24-35% depending on the package ordered. Please note, Miami-Dade County surcharges or Sony Open handling fees are included in the prices listed.

What is the Collectors Club? 

The Collectors Club is an exclusive venue featuring an upscale restaurant, and a trendy bar and lounge area, where private members can get away from the hustle and bustle of the tournament grounds in a beautifully decorated, air conditioned setting. The Collectors Club will also feature a series of special events for its members. For more information about the Collectors Club and to check availability, please click here.

What is The Terrace? 

This exciting air-conditioned oasis is yours to enjoy as part of a premium entertainment opportunity available to our most discerning guests for select sessions of the 2014 Sony Open. Conveniently located next to Stadium Court in the Hospitality Village, The Terrace is open all day and evening for you to enjoy great meals, tasty snacks and a premium open bar. Watch the best tennis players in the world from your reserved 100-level Stadium seat or relax in The Terrace's elegant but casual lounge. It is all included in The Terrace 100 Ticket.

Kids Day – When is it? Who can attend? 

On Tuesday, March 18, the Sony Open will be hosting kids ages 7-12 from Miami-Dade and Broward County Public Schools. Kids Day is a fully coordinated program that emphasizes the positive impact of sports on individuals. After the clinic on the Grandstand Court, students will have the opportunity to watch professional tennis featuring some of the best players in the world. Activities begin at 9:45am at the Grandstand Court. Lunch is NOT included and anyone attending Kids Day is encouraged to bring bag lunches. If you would like to inquire about attending Kids Day, please contact the Ticket Office at 305.442.3367.

I have an international address and am concerned the tickets may not reach me by mail in time…can my order be left at Will Call and I will pick them up when I arrive? 

Yes — ticket orders can be left at Will Call beginning on February 1, 2014. You will be required to provide us with a complete billing address when placing your order for credit card verification. To pick up your tickets, you will need to show a valid photo-ID and the name on the ID must be the same name in which the order was placed under. No third party Will Call will be accepted at the Tournament.

I have tickets waiting for me at Will Call…where should I park to pick up the tickets? 

You should park in your assigned parking area first and then proceed to Will Call (located at the Main Gate entrance). If your order includes a parking pass, you may park your car in the 15-minute parking area at Lot 6 (North Gate entrance) and proceed to Will Call to pick up your tickets/parking pass. You will then need to park your vehicle in the assigned parking lot (typically Crandon Park Lot 2 or 3). Vehicles left in the 15-minute parking area longer than the allotted time will be towed at the owner's expense. The General Parking area is located directly across the street from the Miami Seaquarium and is $12.00 per vehicle. Once parked, you will then board a shuttle and be taken to the site.

I would like to come to the site and purchase advance tickets during the tournament…where can I do this? 

Proceed across the Rickenbacker Causeway and follow signs to Lot 6 (North Gate entrance), which is located before the Front Gate entrance. Turn right into the complex and you will be directed by an attendant to the 15-minute parking zone. Once parked, you will proceed to the Front Gate Box Office where you can make your purchase.

How much are the Miami-Dade County Surcharge and Sony Open Handling Fees? 

The Miami-Dade County surcharge is $3.00 per ticket and is used for Site improvements. Sony Open Tennis Handling Fees are an additional $2.00 to $17.00 per ticket depending on the ticket price. Typical handling fees are $6.00–7.00 per ticket. Both the surcharge and handling fees are charged regardless if tickets are purchased online, over the phone or in person at the Box Office and are included in the listed ticket prices.